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Matrox RadientPro CL overview

Matrox RadientPro CL family of boards consists of two high-performance PCIe frame grabbers: Matrox RadientPro CL-SF and Matrox RadientPro CL-DB. Matrox RadientPro CL-DB supports acquisition from two Camera Link video sources in Base configuration; Matrox RadientPro CL-SF supports acquisition from one Camera Link video source in Medium, Full, or 80-bit configuration.

Matrox RadientPro CL supports frame and line-scan monochrome and color video sources. The color video sources can be RGB video sources or video sources with a Bayer color filter. Matrox RadientPro CL can decode Bayer color-encoded images and perform color space conversions while transferring the image to the Host. Besides standard Camera Link video sources, Matrox RadientPro CL also supports additional types of video sources, including some time-multiplexed video sources.

As a Matrox RadientPro CL grabs images, it can vertically or horizontally flip them. In addition, Matrox RadientPro CL can perform color-space conversions, Bayer decoding, and image subsampling.

Summary of Matrox RadientPro CL features

The following table outlines the features currently available for Matrox RadientPro CL.

Matrox RadientPro CL

Can access GenICam camera features using MdigControlFeature() / MdigInquireFeature() 1


On-board memory

2 Gbyte

Processing FPGA


Digitizer LUTs


Asynchronous camera reset support


Acquisition section

Camera Link

Number of acquisition paths


Number of supported triggers


Number of timers


Number of UARTS


Number of auxiliary signals


Number of rotary decoders


Number of CoaXPress trigger signals


Power over Camera Link (PoCL) support


Number of data latches


1 Only if the camera supports GenICam. For more information, refer to the Using GenICam with Camera Link cameras subsection of the Using MIL with GenICam section of Chapter 25: Grabbing with your digitizer.

Note on nomenclature

This manual refers to all versions of Matrox RadientPro CL as Matrox RadientPro CL. When necessary, this manual distinguishes between the Matrox RadientPro CL-SF and Matrox RadientPro CL-DB using their full names.