Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) 10 Update 60
                        Release Notes (NetworkLicenseClientServer)
                               October 2017
            (c) Copyright Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd., 1992-2017.

This document outlines the functionalities of the MIL network license client-server.

MIL 10 Update 60 is a cumulative update, including all content from MIL 10 Update 4.

1.0 Server-side setup
    1.1 Central server service installation
    1.2 Controlling the service
    1.2.1 Changing the port used by the server
    1.2.2 Debugging
    1.2.3 Enabling logs
2.0 Client-side setup
    2.1 Client-side MIL 10 Update 60 installation
    2.2 Licensing features
    2.3 Administrator feature
3.0 What's new in update 60
1.0 Server-side setup

   1.1 Central server service Installation

   To install the central server service, run CentralServer_Setup.exe.
   1.2 Controlling the service
   The central server service can be controlled by using the serverctl batch file.
   Open a command prompt as an administrator and change to the folder where 
   centralserver.exe is installed, typically C:\Program Files (x86)\Matrox Imaging Tools\centralserver
   Run serverctl.bat without parameters for a complete list of supported commands.

   1.2.1 Changing the port used by the server
   To change the port used by the server, run the command:

      serverctl setport NN
   where NN must be replaced with a valid port number.
   Note: if you are not using the default port, every client will have to be 
   configured to use this port.
   1.2.2 Debugging

   The centralserver.exe executable can in a terminal console to view 
   additional debugging information. Before launching the executable in a 
   terminal console, verify that the service has stopped as only one instance
   of the service can run at a time. To stop the service, use:
      serverctl stop
   1.2.3 Enabling logs
   It is possible to enable server logs. Run the command:
      serverctl enablelog
   The log files will be created under the "program data" folder, 
   typically C:\programdata\Matrox Imaging\log.
   The log files can become quite large. Don't forget to disable them when they are 
   no longer needed using:
      serverctl disablelog
   If requested by Matrox technical support, it is possible to generate a dump of 
   the server info to the %TEMP% folder. Use:
      serverctl serverinfo
   This command creates the folder %TEMP%\CentralServerDump. Please zip this folder 
   and send the .zip file to Matrox technical support.

2.0 Client-side setup

   2.1 Client-side (MIL 10 Update 60) installation

   On each client PC, run the MIL 10 Update 60 setup.
   This update will ask for the network name of the PC where the central server 
   is running and the associated port number. Note that this needs to be set 
   only if a the port number was changed during the central server setup.

   2.2 Licensing features

   The license status of all the MIL modules are listed in the MilConfig 
   utility's Licensing status page.
   The License Server page has options to perform the following:
   * Change the name of the central server.
   * Change the connection port.
   * Set a description string to help the administrator identify the 
     different clients.
   * Automatically reserve a license when the client PC boots up 
     to speed up application allocation.

   2.3 Administrator feature
   The MIL License Server Status tool shows information on all connected   
   clients and on available licenses. This tool is available from 
   MilConfig's License Server page.
3.0 What's new 

3.1 What's new on the server side

    Serverctl.bat was added to simplify the management of the central server.
    The server will now tolerate that dongle be connected only after the server is started.
    Allow up to 5 minutes before the licenses become available to the clients after 
    the dongle is connected.
    The server will now tolerate that the dongle be disconnected and reconnected as 
    long as the grace period (typically 30 minutes) is not exceeded.
    Fixed resource leak when no dongle is connected and clients keep connecting to 
    the server.
    Fixed bug where licenses could be leaked when multiple clients are connecting 
    at the same time particularly when not using "Pre-reserve mode".
3.2 What's new on the client side
    Fixed intermittent update problem in the MIL License Server Status tool.
    Fixed intermittent crash in the MIL License Server Status tool.
    The status in MILConfig's license server page will now be updated periodically.
    The MIL License Server Status tool now shows the approximate time left to 
    the grace period when the network connection is lost.