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LUTs and data buffers

The MIL package represents LUTs as LUT data buffers. As with any other data buffer, LUT buffers must be allocated before they are used. A LUT buffer can be loaded, stored, or copied to another buffer (not necessarily to another LUT buffer) or to disk. You can also allocate child LUT buffers. When a LUT buffer is no longer required, you should free its memory space, using MbufFree().

LUT buffers are typically one-dimensional data buffers created with MbufAlloc1d() (single row). However, you can allocate a color RGB LUT, using MbufAllocColor(). In this case, set the number of bands to 3 (for RGB), the Y-dimension to 1, and the X-dimension to have enough entries to represent the full range of possible values of the image buffer.