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Matrox Indio overview

Matrox Indio is a versatile, industrial I/O and communications, PCIe board. It has an Advanced I/O Engine that provides 16 optically-isolated, digital auxiliary I/O signals (8 inputs and 8 outputs), and includes I/O command lists, timers, quadrature decoders, and user outputs. It also supports GigE Vision capture, as well as Industrial communication using the PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, or Modbus/TCP industrial protocol. To support PROFINET communication, Matrox Indio also includes a Matrox PROFINET Engine.

In addition to being prelicensed for use with the MIL drivers for GigE Vision cameras, the Matrox Indio board can act as a fingerprint for licensing supplemental MIL functionality. The board can also store a supplemental MIL license, which facilitates the process of moving to a new computer.

Summary of Matrox Indio features

The following table outlines the features currently available on Matrox Indio.


Matrox Indio

Can access GenICam camera features using MdigControlFeature() / MdigInquireFeature() 1


On-board memory

128 MBytes DDR3 SDRAM

Number of acquisition ports


Number of auxiliary signals

16 (8 in, 8 out)

Matrox PROFINET Engine


Number of timers


Number of quadrature decoders for input from linear or rotary encoders


Number of I/O command lists


Number of reference latches per I/O command list


Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) support


1 When using a GigE Vision system (M_SYSTEM_GIGE_VISION, using MsysAlloc()).