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For tips on using/navigating this help (for example, filters, the outline view of function descriptions (Function Map), wildcard searches, and collapsing/filtering information), see the Help tips section later in this chapter.

For getting started, read Chapter 1: Introduction and Chapter 2: Building an application. For a list of differences between previous major releases or service/processing pack releases, see the whatsnew and whatsnew_processing release notes, respectively. For new information that has yet to be added, consult the lastminute release note.

Throughout the MIL help, major releases of MIL might be referred to using either decimals or roman numerals. For example, the names MIL X and MIL 10 are used interchangeably.

MIL Help is available online; see the following web page. Note that the local version of MIL Help includes documentation for all the MIL updates that you have installed; this is not necessarily the case with the versions online.


To view the trademark acknowledgments, see the Copyrights, acknowledgments, and patent notices section later in this chapter.