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Matrox RadientPro CL tools

There are three Matrox Radient Pro CL external applications (utilities) available (Matrox Usage Meter, Matrox RadientPro CL Performance Monitor, Matrox RadientPro CL Bench) and one Matrox RadientPro CL tool integrated in the MILConfig utility (Matrox RadientPro CL System Monitor). To access these utilities and this tool, in the MILConfig utility's tree structure, select the Boards RadientPro CL item. These utilities are located in the Launch external applications and Matrox RadientPro CL System Monitor panes, respectively.

Matrox Usage Meter utility

The Matrox Usage Meter utility calculates how much is being used of the grab section and the transfer section of each DMA engine. This rate of utilization is expressed as a percentage. This utility also shows the usage of on-board memory.

Matrox RadientPro CL Performance Monitor utility

The Matrox RadientPro CL performance monitor utility is integrated with the Windows Performance Monitor and is used to monitor information about the Matrox RadientPro CL, such as:

  • Grab usage.

  • Transfer usage of each DMA engine.

  • Memory size of the memory bank.

  • Current and maximum temperatures of the on-board FPGAs.

Matrox RadientPro CL Bench utility

The Matrox Radient BenchPro CL utility calculates the real-time transfer speed of the PCIe slot (in Mbytes/sec) from:

  • Matrox RadientPro CL to Host.

  • Host to Matrox RadientPro CL.

Matrox RadientPro CL System Monitor tool

The Matrox RadientPro CL System Monitor tool calculates the temperatures of the specified device (M_DEVn), and presents the following information inside the MILConfig utility:

  • An acquisition (device) selector.

  • The grab FPGA current temperature, in degrees Celsius.

  • The grab FPGA current temperature, as shown on a sliding scale from 0 to 85 degrees Celsius.

  • The fan speed, in RPM.

  • The sensor for the auxiliary power connection.

  • Either a check mark (if your Matrox RadientPro CL is operating in the normal range of temperatures) or an X (if your Matrox RadientPro CL is operating above the normal range of temperatures).