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Allocating independent MIL digitizers on Matrox Solios

Depending on the frame grabber, you can allocate several independent MIL digitizers. Independent digitizers have different device numbers and use different acquisition paths.

Matrox Solios eA/XA

The following table lists the acquisition paths and the digitizer number to use when connecting asynchronous cameras of different types.

Matrox Solios eA/XA type




Acquisition paths




Maximum number of taps




Available device numbers



M_DEV0 through M_DEV3

The following image shows the different types of configurations possible for the number of acquisition paths available.

Each acquisition path supports input from one of two sources; therefore, all digitizers have 2 data channels. You can switch between them using MdigControl() with M_CHANNEL.

Synchronization signals can either come combined with the data (CSYNC), come along the data input signal of another acquisition path that is not already allocated (external analog synchronization), or from the DVI connector (external digital synchronization). Note that using an acquisition path to receive an external analog synchronization signal renders that acquisition path "occupied" and not available for use by another digitizer that uses the acquisition path. For example, when allocating a digitizer for a 3-tap (RGB) camera on acquisition paths 0, 1, and 2 (using MdigAlloc() with M_DEV0), you can set your synchronization signal on acquisition path 3 by customizing the DCF using Matrox Intellicam. This results in acquisition path 3 not being available for use by another camera.

Matrox Solios eCL/XCL

The number of independent digitizers that you can allocate on Matrox Solios eCL/XCL is dependent on the configuration in use. There are three configurations of Matrox Solios eCL/XCL available:

  • Single-Medium. The single-Medium version has only one acquisition path (M_DEV0) with only one data channel.

  • Dual-Base. The dual-Base version has two acquisition paths (M_DEV0 and M_DEV1), but each only has one data channel.

  • Single-Full. The single-Full version has one acquisition path (M_DEV0), with only one data channel.