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Matrox Solios eV-CL tools

There are three Matrox Solios external applications (utilities) available (Matrox Camera-Link and Matrox Processing FPGA). To find them, in the MILConfig utility's tree structure, select the Boards Solios item. These utilities are located in the Launch external applications.

Matrox Camera-Link configuration utility

The Matrox Camera-Link configuration utility allows you to enable the show select serial device dialog box, as well as enable GenICam for Camera Link (CLProtocol) and pick a Camera Link digitizer and associated protocol device ID.

Matrox Processing FPGA utility

The Matrox Processing FPGA utility shows a list of all the Matrox Boards installed on your system that contain a Processing FPGA. It also provides the ability to upgrade your firmware should Matrox technical support provides you an update file.