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Function Map
Save a 3D metrology context to a file.
void M3dmetSave(
MIL_ID Context3dmetId, //in
MIL_INT64 ControlFlag //in

This function saves all the information about a previously allocated 3D metrology context to disk.

To load a saved context, use either M3dmetRestore() or M3dmetStream().

Note that this function reference has not been updated for a MIL system added during a MIL update. Refer to the MIL system's release note to see if there is complementary information.
This function is not supported on the selected boards.

Specifies the name and path of the file in which to save the 3D metrology context; it is recommended that you use the M3DMET file extension for easier use with other Matrox Imaging software products. The function internally handles the opening and closing of this file. If this file already exists, it will be overwritten.

This parameter can be set to one of the following values:

function map For specifying the file name and path
Click to summarizeValue Description
Click to summarize M_INTERACTIVE
[This is only applicable to Windows]

Opens the File Save As dialog box from which you can interactively specify the drive, directory, and name of the file.

Click to summarize MIL_TEXT("FileName") 1

Specifies the drive, directory, and name of the file (for example, "C:\mydirectory\myfile"). The recommended extension is M3DMET.

To specify a file on a remote computer (under Distributed MIL), prefix the specified file name string with "remote:///" (for example, "remote:///C:\mydirectory\myfile").


1 If you are passing the value in a variable, don't enclose it in MIL_TEXT().


Specifies the identifier of the 3D metrology context to save. These must have been successfully allocated with M3dgeoAlloc() prior to calling this function.


Reserved for future expansion and must be set to M_DEFAULT.

Compilation information
Header Include mil.h.
Library Use mil.lib; mil3dmet.lib.
DLL Requires mil.dll; mil3dmet.dll.