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Function Map
Preprocess a String Reader context.
void MstrPreprocess(
MIL_ID ContextId, //in
MIL_INT64 ControlFlag //in

This function prepares the specified String Reader context, font, and string model to be read.

This function must be called before the first call to MstrRead(). Changes to control settings, the String Reader context, one of its font or string models often require you to re-preprocess the context. To inquire if you need to preprocess or re-preprocess the context, use MstrInquire() with M_PREPROCESSED.

In a typical application, MstrPreprocess() is called once. To preprocess a String Reader context without error, the context must have at least one font, one character, and one string model.

When you save a String Reader context, the preprocessing changes are not saved. Upon restoration, you must preprocess the context again.

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Specifies the String Reader context to preprocess. The String Reader context must have been previously allocated on the system using MstrAlloc().


Specifies whether to preprocess the String Reader context. Set this parameter to one of the following values:

function map For specifying whether to preprocess the context
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Click to summarize M_DEFAULT

Preprocesses the String Reader context.

Click to summarize M_RESET

Un-preprocesses the String Reader context.

Un-preprocessing the String Reader context can be useful if you want to conserve system memory within an application and preserve String Reader context settings.

Compilation information
Header Include mil.h.
Library Use mil.lib; milstr.lib.
DLL Requires mil.dll; milstr.dll.