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Basic concepts for the MIL 3D Metrology module

The basic concepts and vocabulary conventions for the MIL 3D Metrology module are:

  • Depth. A measurement extending from the surface of the object to the XY-plane (that is, the Z=0 plane), in world units.

  • Depth map. An image where the gray value of a pixel represents its depth in the world.

  • Fully corrected depth map. A depth map that accurately represents the height and shape of portrayed objects; its pixels represent a constant size in X and Y in the world. Note that, when dealing with depth maps, the size of the pixels is not necessarily square.

  • Initial fit estimate. Specifies an initial estimate for the position of a 3D geometry, relative to the point cloud or depth map, at the start of the fitting operation.

  • Mesh. A triangulated surface generated for a point cloud.

  • Pose. The established position and orientation of an object in space.

  • Reference plane. A plane with a known height and orientation, and used as a measure against which to compute distances, angles, volumes, or other calculations.

  • Root-mean-square (RMS) error. In the MIL 3D Metrology module, the RMS error is a measure of the overall distance between two MIL objects. A lower error indicates a smaller overall distance between the two MIL objects, and vice versa.

  • XY-plane. The plane defined by the equation Z=0 in a world coordinate system.

  • XZ-plane. The plane defined by the equation Y=0 in a world coordinate system.