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MIL Sequences module overview

The MIL Sequences module allows you to perform operations on sequences of images. Depending on your settings, the Sequences module will perform one of two operations: H.264 compression or decompression. H.264 compression uses predictive encoding to compress sequences of images. You can feed the images to process all at once or individually. The H.264 compression that the Sequences module performs is highly customizable and you can tweak it for your application. For example, you can decide whether to put more emphasis on the quality of the elementary video stream or its resulting size. The module can also decompress an H.264 compressed stream and save the result in one or many files or buffer lists.

If you want to save your sequence such that the elementary video stream does not use predictive encoding, you can use MbufExportSequence() to save images in MJPEG, MIL, and non-compressed DIB format. You can use MbufImportSequence() to import a sequence saved in one of these three formats into separate image buffers.