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To uninstall MIL or MIL-Lite, and all other Matrox Imaging products, call the Matrox Imaging Products Uninstall program. To uninstall in silent mode, use the silent uninstall program, silentuninstall.exe, located in the root directory of the MIL or MIL-Lite DVD.

You can also copy the files you need to uninstall to another directory and call the uninstall program from there. For a silent uninstall, the following files must be present in the same directory:

  • SilentUninstall.exe.

  • MILxxSetup.exe.

  • uninstall.iss.

  • Matrox Imaging.msi.

  • ISSetup.dll.

To uninstall MIL and MIL-Lite in silent mode, you must change the working directory to the root directory or wherever you have copied the above files and then call:


To reboot the computer after uninstalling, call:

silentuninstall.exe reboot