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Using MIL with Matrox 4Sight GP

MIL treats Matrox 4Sight GP as a normal computer.

To use the processing power or to use the capabilities of the auxiliary I/O interface (auxiliary signals) of Matrox 4Sight GP, allocate a Host system using MsysAlloc() with M_SYSTEM_HOST.

To route I/O signals, configure interrupts, and set the mode of an auxiliary (user) signal, use MsysControl(). To inquire this information use, MsysInquire().

You can use PCIe frame grabber boards with your Matrox 4Sight GP. To use the features of installed Matrox PCIe frame grabber boards, refer to the MIL Hardware-specific Notes for that board.

Note that when installing a redistribution (runtime) version of MIL on Matrox 4Sight GP, the license number will be based on the hardware fingerprint of your unit. This means that you will not be able to copy the licensed version of MIL to another computer.