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Cameras that can be connected to Matrox Orion HD

Matrox Orion HD has four acquisition paths, but can grab from only two independently at any one time. Two of the acquisition paths support SD or HD 3G-SDI digital video input using a multi-rate deserializer. The other two acquisition paths support multiple video input formats using a multi-format video decoder. They support the following analog video inputs: RGB (including DVI-A), YPbPr, Y/C, and CVBS; they also support DVI-D digital video input. In addition, the two acquisition paths that support multiple video input formats also support video input from display boards (graphics adapters) in standard resolutions. The following table shows the available device numbers and data channels for different types of video input:

Type of video input

Available device numbers

Number of data channels


M_DEV0 and M_DEV1



M_DEV2 and M_DEV3


SD Analog (CVBS)

M_DEV0 and M_DEV1


SD Analog (RGB, YPbPr or Y/C)

M_DEV0 and M_DEV1


You can allocate 2 independent digitizers on Matrox Orion HD with MdigAlloc().

When using a CVBS SD analog digitizer, each acquisition path supports input from one of three sources; therefore, all CVBS SD analog digitizers have 3 data channels. You can switch between them using MdigControl() with M_CHANNEL.