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Using Matrox Orion HD with MIL

To use Matrox Orion HD, you must first launch the Matrox Graphics controller program (Matrox PowerDesk) on your computer. Once launched, you must then allocate your Matrox Orion HD as a MIL Orion HD system (using MsysAlloc() with M_SYSTEM_ORION_HD). This allocation opens communication with Matrox Orion HD and allows MIL to use its resources. You can allocate a MIL Orion HD system for your board in multiple processes (executables). However, multiple processes cannot allocate a digitizer for the same acquisition path simultaneously.

Since Matrox Orion HD is designed as a display board (graphics adapter) and uses MIL GPU services, it has the same limitations as any other DirectX capable display device.

To work properly, Matrox Orion HD requires the underlying Direct3D engine (GPU) to be in an operational state. Some events can cause all Direct3D devices to transition to a lost device state. While these devices are in a lost device state, some of their on-board capabilities will not be available. For example, you cannot initiate a grab or display operation on Matrox Orion HD until it recovers from the lost device state.

Some well-known events that can cause a Direct3D device to transition into a lost device state are the following. For more information, refer to the DirectX SDK documentation on the MSDN website (specifically, the Lost Devices reference).

  • Locking a computer and pressing CTRL-ALT-DEL.

  • Another application assuming full-screen operation (such as, a screen saver).

  • Changing the display resolution and desktop settings.

  • Connecting to the computer using the Microsoft RemoteDesktop.

  • Viewing the desktop from a remote client (such as, VNC).

To recover gracefully from a lost device state, MIL and Matrox Orion HD will wait for the event to be over before trying to transition back to an operational state. However, it is highly recommended to avoid situations that lead to a lost device state.

Note that, in most cases, if Matrox Orion HD is in the process of grabbing images, the current grab will continue. The grab will only be interrupted if you initiate a remote connection to the computer.

Note that Matrox Orion HD only supports DirectX version 9.

Refer to the Matrox Orion HD release notes for any additions/modifications to the MIL Hardware-specific Notes in this chapter or in the MIL Reference.