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Function Map
Merge multiple point clouds into a single point cloud.
void M3dimMerge(
const MIL_ID *SrcContainerBufIdArrayPtr, //in
MIL_ID DstContainerBufId, //in
MIL_INT NumContainers, //in
MIL_ID SubsampleContext3dimId, //in
MIL_INT64 ControlFlag //in

This function merges all the specified point clouds into a single point cloud.

Optionally, to reduce the number of points in the resulting point cloud, you can specify a subsample 3D image processing context, to apply a subsampling operation to the merged point cloud.

Note that the resulting point cloud after the merge operation is unorganized, unless the optional subsample context specifies an organized resulting point cloud.

Note that this function reference has not been updated for a MIL system added during a MIL update. Refer to the MIL system's release note to see if there is complementary information.
This function is not supported on the selected boards.
Accepts the address of one of the following:
  • array of type MIL_ID [optionally, in C++: a reference to a constant std::vector<MIL_ID> ] (and a maximum array rank for C# of 1)
    Required array size:(NumContainers)

Specifies the address of the array that holds the identifiers of point cloud containers to merge. The containers must be 3D-processable (that is, if you call MbufInquireContainer() with M_3D_PROCESSABLE, the function returns M_PROCESSABLE). The containers must have been previously allocated using MbufAllocContainer() with M_PROC. You can set some entries in the array to M_NULL to exclude them from the merge operation.


Specifies the identifier of the destination container in which to store the resulting unorganized point cloud. The container must have been previously allocated using MbufAllocContainer() with M_PROC, and must not be a child container.


Specifies the size of the array passed to SrcContainerBufIdArrayPtr.

When using a standard vector (std::vector) overload function in C++, you can pass M_DEFAULT to this parameter and MIL will automatically determine the size based on the number of items in the vector passed to the SrcContainerBufIdArrayPtr parameter.


Specifies the subsample 3D image processing context identifier, previously allocated using M3dimAlloc() with M_SUBSAMPLE_CONTEXT. The subsampling applies the subsample control settings specified using M3dimControl().

If no subsampling is required, set this parameter to M_NULL.


Reserved for future expansion and must be set to M_DEFAULT.

Compilation information
Header Include mil.h.
Library Use mil.lib; mil3dim.lib.
DLL Requires mil.dll; mil3dim.dll.