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Function Map
Free a MIL application.
void MappFree(
MIL_ID ContextAppId //in

This function deallocates a MIL application previously allocated with MappAlloc().

When freeing a MIL application, you must free it in the thread in which it was allocated. Also, in a given thread, MappFree() must be the last MIL function called; no other MIL function can be executed in a thread after a call to this function. Prior to freeing a MIL application, ensure that all systems, buffers, displays, and digitizers allocated in the thread are freed.

Note, if you use MappAllocDefault() to allocate the default MIL application, you must use MappFreeDefault() to free the application.

Note that this function reference has not been updated for a MIL system added during a MIL update. Refer to the MIL system's release note to see if there is complementary information.
This function is not supported on the selected boards.

Specifies the application to free.

Compilation information
Header Include mil.h.
Library Use mil.lib.
DLL Requires mil.dll.