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MIL system-specific information

Some parameter settings and information in the MIL Reference are only applicable when using certain MIL systems. This information is referred to as MIL system-specific information. A MIL system typically refers to a set of hardware components capable of grabbing, storing, processing, and/or displaying images (for example, a Matrox Radient system consists of the imaging board, the CPU, and a display board). MIL systems are allocated using MsysAlloc(). Use the MIL systems button in the Blue/Red menu bar to specify whether you want to show all the MIL system-specific information, or limit the MIL system-specific information to the MIL systems you have allocated. To change these settings and have these settings kept between sessions, use the Customize Help button.

MIL system-specific information is denoted in the gray columns that appear to the right of the setting descriptions. Each column has a dark gray header at the top of its table and contains the name of the system, as well as the corresponding system letter. Next to remarks or settings, the column can contain either the system letter, indicating support, or a blank cell, indicating no support. For example, if a certain setting is available when using a Matrox Radient eCL system and this system is associated with the letter 'j', the letter 'j' will appear in the corresponding column next to the setting. If the setting is not supported for a Matrox Radient eCL system, the corresponding column would have a blank cell. For tables where settings and descriptions are available for or applicable to all systems, no MIL system-specific columns appear.

When an update for a MIL system is officially documented in the MIL Reference, the corresponding update number is included in the system-specific column header (for example, the Matrox Radient eV-CL (u27)).

If there are multiple updates officially documented for a MIL system, all update numbers for which the system is officially documented are listed in the column header (for example, the Matrox Clarity UHD (U36|U76)). In addition to the corresponding system letter, the column for these updates contains the number of the first update to support a setting, or M10 if the setting was supported in the base MIL 10 release.

Note that if an update affects a component of MIL common to other systems, the columns for the other systems won't accurately reflect the first update to support any newly added settings.

For more information on how MIL updates are documented, refer to the MIL updates section of Chapter 1: Introduction.

To collapse the MIL system-specific information into a single tooltip per setting, change your MIL system selection on the Blue/Red menu bar so that Show as a tooltip is selected. Note that this option can also be set on the Welcome page.