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Dongles for activating runtime and development licenses

Dongles are used to activate MIL development and runtime licenses. To activate the license, the dongle must be attached to the USB port of your computer.

If you decide that another computer needs to run a MIL application, you can transfer the dongle. This will allow the second computer to use MIL, but the first computer will have MIL disabled.

To have MIL DLLs recognize the dongle, you must install the CodeMeter Runtime Kit software. To install this software, if you did not install it when you were installing MIL, run the CodemeterRuntime32.exe or CodemeterRuntime64.exe file (depending on the bitness of your operating system), located in the \Install\CmStick directory of the MIL DVD, and follow the on-screen instructions. Note, the software is installed automatically whenever you install MIL, but might not be installed if MIL was redistributed to your computer using Redist.exe.