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Software license-key for activating runtime license

A software license-key is used to activate a MIL runtime license. The software license-key is derived from a lock code that is generated using the hardware fingerprint from one of several hardware components on the target computer. This lock code will then be used to obtain a software license-key and activate your MIL license.

Note that the license is stored on the hardware component that you have chosen. If you install the hardware component on another computer, the license will be available on that computer.

If you replace the hardware component with the fingerprint that you have chosen, you will need to obtain a new license.

If your computer does not have any hardware component that can act as a fingerprint, you can purchase an ID dongle and use it as your hardware component instead. This gets attached to your computer's USB port, and it will allow you to generate a lock code that you can use to create a software license.

You can activate a license using a software license-key as follows:

  1. Install MIL on your computer as described in the Installation section of Chapter 1: Introduction.

  2. Open the MILConfig utility from the MIL Control Center. Expand the Licensing item in the tree structure of the presented interface and then click on the Generate sub-item. In the pane to the right of the tree structure, select the type of MIL license to generate and any additional packages you want to license.

    Since the MIL Image Analysis package is included in the MIL Machine Vision package, these two packages are mutually exclusive.

  3. Select the hardware component from which to retrieve the fingerprint, from the License Fingerprint drop-down list box. After choosing the hardware component, click on the Generate button. This will generate a lock code.

  4. After generating a lock code, obtain a software license-key by contacting your local representative or using the Matrox licensing portal website.

  5. Activate the license by entering the software license-key in the Activate pane of the MILConfig utility, accessible from the Licensing item.