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Geometric Model Finder module

The Geometric Model Finder module, also referred to as the Model Finder module, is a set of functions to find patterns, or models, based on geometric features. The module finds models using edge-based geometric features (geometric features from extracted edges) instead of a pixel-to-pixel correlation (which is used by the Pattern Matching (Mpat...()) module). As such, the Model Finder module offers several advantages over the Pattern Matching module. These advantages include a greater tolerance of lighting variations (including specular reflection), model occlusion, as well as variations in scale and angle.

The Model Finder module allows you to tailor your search to fit the requirements of your application. You can search for any number of different models simultaneously, through a range of angles and scales. You can also search for different kinds of models with Model Finder including models created from images (image-type), models created from Edge Finder result buffers (Edge Finder-type), models created from Model Finder result buffers (Model Finder-type), models merged from two previous models (merge-type), and synthetic models. Synthetic models are either models that have a predefined shape, or models defined from CAD files.

The module provides complete support for camera calibration. Searches can be performed in the calibrated real-world such that, without physically correcting your images, occurrences can be found even in the presence of complex distortions, and results calculated in real-world units.

The module also allows you to restore a Model Finder context from a file or memory stream, or save a Model Finder context to a file or memory stream.