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Steps to performing a model search

The following steps provide a basic methodology for using the Geometric Model Finder module:

  1. Allocate your Model Finder context, using MmodAlloc().

  2. Define and add your model(s) to this Model Finder context, using MmodDefine() or MmodDefineFromFile().

  3. If necessary, mask any irrelevant, inconsistent, or featureless areas of your models, using MmodMask().

  4. Specify your required search settings for both the context and the individual model(s), using successive calls to MmodControl().

  5. Preprocess your Model Finder context, using MmodPreprocess().

  6. Allocate a result buffer to hold the results of your search, using MmodAllocResult().

  7. Search the target for occurrences of models in your Model Finder context, using MmodFind().

  8. Retrieve the required results from the result buffer, using MmodGetResult().

  9. If necessary, save your Model Finder context, using MmodSave() or MmodStream().

  10. Free all your allocated objects using MmodFree().

For information about using calibrated model source images and targets, see the Camera calibration section later in this chapter.