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Function Map
Allocate a 3D graphics list.
MIL_ID M3dgraAlloc(
MIL_ID SysId, //in
MIL_INT64 ControlFlag, //in
MIL_ID *List3dgraIdPtr //out

This function allocates a 3D graphics list on the specified system. The elements in a 3D graphics list are organized in a tree structure. Each element added to a 3D graphics list is assigned an identifying label, and is added as a node in the 3D graphics list's tree structure. When a 3D graphics list is allocated, it has a root node with label 0.

When the 3D graphics list is no longer required, you should release its memory, using M3dgraFree().

Note that this function reference has not been updated for a MIL system added during a MIL update. Refer to the MIL system's release note to see if there is complementary information.
This function is not supported on the selected boards.

Specifies the system on which to allocate the 3D graphics list.

function map For specifying the system identifier
Click to summarizeValue Description
Click to summarize M_DEFAULT_HOST

Specifies the default Host system of the current MIL application.

Click to summarize MIL system identifier

Specifies a valid system identifier, previously allocated using MsysAlloc().


Reserved for future expansion and must be set to M_DEFAULT.


Specifies the address of the variable in which to write the 3D graphics list identifier. Since the M3dgraAlloc() function also returns the identifier, you can set this parameter to M_NULL.

Return value
The returned value is the 3D graphics list identifier if the allocation is successful. If allocation fails, M_NULL is returned.
Compilation information
Header Include mil.h.
Library Use mil.lib; mil3d.lib.
DLL Requires mil.dll; mil3d.dll.