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Function Map
Free a data buffer or container.
void MbufFree(
MIL_ID BufOrContainerBufId //in

This function deallocates a previously allocated data buffer or container. The memory reserved for the specified buffer or container is released.

All of a container's components are freed automatically when the container is freed. You can also free components manually using MbufFreeComponent(). MbufFree() cannot be used to free buffers that are components.

Before freeing a parent buffer or container, you must free all of its children.

Note that LUT buffers, once associated with another buffer, a digitizer, or a display, should either be disassociated before being freed, or freed after the associated buffer, digitizer, or display is freed.

To disassociate a digitizer or display from a LUT buffer, use MdigControl() with M_LUT_ID set to M_DEFAULT or MdispLut() with M_DEFAULT respectively. To disassociate another buffer from a LUT buffer, use MbufControl() with M_ASSOCIATED_LUT set to M_DEFAULT.

All buffers and containers allocated on a particular system must be freed before the system can be freed.

Note that this function reference has not been updated for a MIL system added during a MIL update. Refer to the MIL system's release note to see if there is complementary information.
This function is not supported on the selected boards.

Specifies the identifier of the data buffer or container to deallocate.

Compilation information
Header Include mil.h.
Library Use mil.lib.
DLL Requires mil.dll.